Runaway ostrich causes havoc during rush-hour in China

An ostrich has run wild on the streets of Zhangzhou City, China, leading police on a four-hour chase before being captured. It is unclear where the ostrich came from before crashing into a car and a taxi driver on the busy city streets.

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Just giving: Generous blood donor gives 100 gallons in 35 years

Florida man Harold Mendenhall, 84, began giving blood in 1977 after his wife Frankie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then he has given 100 gallons, or 66 pints, claiming it has helped him cope with the loss of his partner who died seven years later.

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Teeth Removal Is The Trend For South African Youth

It’s rare for fashion trends to last as long as 60 years. But this one tradition has never gone out of style among generations of youth in Cape Town and other regions of South Africa – dental modification. It sounds odd, but the South African youngsters actually like to sport toothless smiles, after getting their front teeth removed. 

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Mom Forces Daughter To Wear Horrible Clothes to School

A ten year old bully from Utah got a taste of her own medicine when her stepmother made her wear ugly thrift shop clothes to school after discovering she was constantly picking on another student on account of her wardrobe.

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Naked CU-Boulder Student Rescued After Getting Too High

Ah, the college life: Academia, sportsmanship, and taking too many mushrooms, stripping naked and fighting off emergency responders. Excelsior!

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Cat Lives After 35 Minutes In Running Washing Machine

“My roommate was loading his laundry and left the lid to the washing machine open while he went to the next room to grab more clothes,” Daryl Humdy said in a statement, because he was unavaillable on Tuesday to go on camera with NBC Bay Area. “He came back, threw his clothes in, and shut the lid to the washing machine without realizing that Natasha had jumped into it while he had been away.”

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